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The Full Story

The one that started it ALL...

Moxie changed my outlook, my passion, my world...



July 2018:

This is Moxie on intake. She was brought to Lil Rascals Wildlife Rehabilitation where I was working with my best friend Debbie. She was scared and sick and we had no idea what was wrong with her but she was in desperate need of our help.


It didn't take long for me to fall in love with this precious, helpless life. As we worked to try to figure out what was wrong we learned something we didn't want to know.


Reaching Out

This precious little girl had a hard life ahead of her. She was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia. A neurological condition all too common in raccoons.



The thought of taking her life just because she was a little unsteady was too much so we waited...and she grew...and we waited... and she grew... and I loved her even when she hated me! LOOK AT THAT FACE


She Grew Up

And boy did she GROW!

Eventually she grew up and due to hormones she would hate me most of the time and love me once in a while but I loved her and spoiled her rotten! So I took advantage of her "good moods".


What we didn't want

So much crying...

With days upon days of crying we knew what had to happen. Once she became an adult her condition got worse and she started to fall off her ramps and we were scared she would seriously hurt herself so we called the vet and made the date to end her struggles.

It is because of this precious girl that I got the fire lit to passionately fight to save wildlife, and my greatest love will always be for the raccoons.

Moxie now stays with me everywhere I go with her ashes in a necklace and the rest in her urn.

Thank you for teaching me so much, Moxie. I promise that so many more raccoons will have a better life because of you.

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