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About Us

Our History

I have had a passion to help wildlife and began volunteering to help my best friend Debbie with her rehabilitation facility in Bowdoin.

In 2019, I made the decision to venture out and helped out another rehabilitation center much further away with Beth Brown at Saco River Wildlife Center and then applied for my own rehabilitation permit so that I could have my own facility. So after applying I wanted to learn as much as I could from everyone around me and started helping out at Misfits Rehab as well. In June of 2019, I finally for my OWN PERMIT! I have continued to network ever since.

Our Philosophy

Networking is best for the animals!

Through networking with various other rehabilitators throughout the State of Maine and beyond, my knowledge has greatly increased in critical areas of rehabilitation, such as, nutritional needs, tips and tricks on how to deal with difficult patients to help reduce stress and handling techniques to keep both the people and the animal safe. This is quite critical when some patients could be infected with rabies or they are otherwise healthy enough but covered in 30,000 quills like our porcupine patients!

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